Nature photography

A Nature Photographer takes pictures of wildlife and the natural environment. Unlike a traditional Photographer, who has some control over their subjects, as a Nature Photographer, the closest you can come to arranging your set-ups is to place a bird feeder in your backyard.


    • Nature photography” overlaps the fields of—and is sometimes considered an overarching category including — “wildlife photography,” “landscape photography,” and “garden photography”.[1]
    • Nature photographs are published in scientific, travel and cultural magazines such as National Geographic Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine and Audubon Magazine or other more specific magazines such as Outdoor Photographer and Nature’s Best Photography. Well known nature photographers include Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Frans Lanting, Galen Rowell, and Art Wolfe.
    In a world overflowing with photographs, how do we keep our work fresh and meaningful in relation to what has gone before? To create unique images according to a way of seeing that is yours, you have to be open to coming up with ways of approaching subjects, scenes or themes that are in some way new, different or surprising. Fortunately, the difference in your personal approach doesn’t need to be drastic or revolutionary. Indeed, it can be rather subtle, but it should come from within you. It can even be as simple as letting go of familiar iconic scenes and giving yourself permission to look with your own eyes………………………………………………

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